Corrosion prevention and metallurgical engineering with specific expertise in the field of corrosion protection of buried pipelines and structures


A very valid question to ask is why asset corrosion has any significance. The answer is that the effects of corrosion are far-reaching and impact

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Pipelines are the arteries of the modern world. There are many thousands of kilometers of pipelines criss-crossing the country, carrying the water and fuel required

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“Tanks” is the generic term used to describe any above ground, buried or mounded liquid container. Generally, these containers are built for long term use

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Buried Structures

“Out of sight, out of mind.” This is often the experience with the buried aspects of any valuable asset. Corrosion of rebar in foundations and

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Coastal & Offshore

The marine environment is one of the most hostile environments to metallic structures. Consideration of corrosion and its mitigation should be undertaken from the outset

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