Corrosion Prevention & Protection of buried Pipelines and Structures


Isinyithi is an industry expert in consulting services for expertise in corrosion prevention & protection of of buried pipelines and structures.

Key Technologies

When the worst happens and there is a failure in the integrity of a structure, it is imperative that the investigation is detailed and thorough.

Survey Techniques

Isinyithi have the in-house capabilities and equipment to offer the following surveys & techniques: route / site evaluation, soil resistivity...

About Isinyithi

Isinyithi specialises in the provision of consulting services in the field of corrosion prevention and metallurgical engineering with specific expertise in the field of corrosion protection of buried pipelines and structures. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an unbiased, independent technical opinion.

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A very valid question to ask is why asset corrosion has any significance. The answer is that the effects of corrosion are far-reaching and impact

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Pipelines are the arteries of the modern world. There are many thousands of kilometers of pipelines criss-crossing the country, carrying the water and fuel required

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“Tanks” is the generic term used to describe any above ground, buried or mounded liquid container. Generally, these containers are built for long term use

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Buried Structures

“Out of sight, out of mind.” This is often the experience with the buried aspects of any valuable asset. Corrosion of rebar in foundations and

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Coastal & Offshore

The marine environment is one of the most hostile environments to metallic structures. Consideration of corrosion and its mitigation should be undertaken from the outset

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