About us


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Isinyithi Cathodic Protection specialises in the provision of consulting services in the field of corrosion prevention and metallurgical engineering with specific expertise in the field of corrosion protection of buried pipelines and structures. We pride ourselves on being able to provide an unbiased, independent technical opinion.

  • A team of skilled and experienced professionals in the corrosion industry
  • Qualified and registered professional engineers and chemists
  • International experience
  • Offer services in accordance with international standards in conjunction with the knowledge of local conditions.


ICP is involved in all aspects of corrosion protection of pipelines and underground installations, including:

  • Specifications of suitable coatings
  • Any necessary field investigations
  • Comprehensive design of appropriate cathodic protection systems
  • Novel systems - developed to suit specific local conditions
  • Evaluation of existing pipeline systems
  • Development of comprehensive refurbishment strategies including CP retrofit
  • Specialised pipeline survey techniques
  • Routine monitoring and maintenance of cathodic protection systems
  • Design of cathodic protection systems for hazardous sites
  • Design of cathodic protection systems for reinforced concrete
  • Design of cathodic protection systems for process plant and storage tanks